Leveraging the state of the art in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, our web-based and analysis software provides very precise construction quality and progress information.

Quality Control


The dashboard allows users to inspect construction quality at multiple levels of granularity. From project wide information regarding onsite progress, to inspecting point wise deviations on single elements, the dashboard allows users to filter information to answer their various quality control questions.

Quality Control


The multiple assets associated with each element, such as 360 images, deviation heat maps and element cross sections, enables users to accurately deduce the underlying causes of each quality issue even before setting foot on site. Using this information users can analyze every element on site to gain critical insight into on-site construction quality.

Issue Management
and Tracking

Every quality issue detected onsite can be documented and tracked during the life cycle of the project with our issue ticketing and management system. This allows multiple site team members to coordinate a solution for the issue, document all on-site changes, communicate and track assets relating to the issue.

Report Generation
and Integrations

Our report generation tools allow users to generate printable reports relating to site quality, progress and issues. These reports can be saved to disk as a PDF or exported to other BIM planning software.